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Our Projects

In GNZ we stand proudly with our projects. Developed using the Cercarbonos REDD+ Methodology (including UNFCCC reference levels) and verified by Ruby Canyon Environmental as a third party VVB we have possitively impacted the global enviroment, the livelihoods of hundreds of indigenous families and preserved thousands of forest hectares for our future generations.



By securing the protection of more than 188.181 hectares of Amazon rain forest in Colombia this project reaches an estimated Annual Emission Reduction of 134.715 tons of CO2e and generates life changing impact in 407 indigenous families and their comunities. 


Developed in the heart of the Amazon rain forest the Baka project allows an estimated annual emision reduction of 524.146 tons of CO2e by granting protection to 702.359 hectares of forest thus generating major social impact in the sorrounding communities.

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